Lexus LC500 Hybrid Is A Stunning Intersection of Art and Engineering

The 2019 Lexus LC500 Hybrid is the rakish coupe replacement for the successful 19-year running SC model. And while the SC had its fans, this new model goes beyond just a perfunctory sports car upgrade.

At $102,000 it is safe to say that the Lexus LC500 is one of the most visually provocative and drop dead beautiful coupes on the roads today. Though modern manufacturing techniques allow car makers to create amazing sculptural features in sheet metal and glass, some of the sheer drama of the LC500 is the result of artisan hand-finishing aspects of the bulging back-swept door panels.

Riding on the same platform as the LS500 full-sized sedan the LC500 is a big baby weighing in at more than 4400 lbs.

The LC500 model is available in 5.0-liter V8 pumping a growling 471 horsepower. The hybrid test model pairs a 3.5-liter V6 gas-engine with an electric motor producing a combined 354 horsepower … that propels this luxury coupe like a land missile. The hybrid mileage is 27 city 35 highway.

The LC500 gawker response is as off the charts as the customary Lexus attention to detail.