Life Should Be Like This

There is a lyric quality to the name Porsche — that follows through in the driving of these spectacular automobiles.

A recent test drive of the new 911 Carrera S Cabriolet only reinforces what many automotive purists believe is a realm of flawless design and execution not only dominated — but rather virtually owned by Porsche.

Though there is an over-flowing stable of super-cars costing more than twice the $142,000 list price of the Carrera — this car makes the average exotic look like a hideous prom dress.

The classic lines of the 911 have been finely sculpted for 21 st century eye-appeal and relentless Porsche engineers looking to pick up a fraction of a percent improvement in drag coefficient. The leather wrapped interior, bristling with technology and comfort amenities — is inviting and casual — but meticulous to the point of being fussy.

The Porsche experience is in full glory — cruising on a sunny fall morning with the convertible top down. The Carrera offers rock solid driving control but with a gentler feel or the road than other kidney jarring Euro performers. Packing a 400 horsepower… 3.8 liter — horizontally-opposed 6 cylinder — water-cooled aluminum engine — the Carerra’s acceleration is exhilarating, effortless and seemingly limitless!

Life should be like this!