Like Ancient Tree It is Named For The Toyota Sequoia is Just As Enduring

Named for a revered ancient American tree and being tagged by the snarky as a dinosaur for its now 12 year-old second generation architecture, tech and fuel consumption stats, the Toyota Sequoia full size 3 row seating SUV is suddenly an instant classic.

With only cosmetic touches here and there since a 2007 revise, the Tundra pickup- based Sequoia is a throwback to a simpler time … before the financial crisis which was cynically blamed from Congress to the White House on those evil SUVs.

Though the paucity of USB outlets is anachronistic, the unadorned but imposing Sequoia is quite impressive. More rounded than sculpted outside with big expanses of leather sheathing and wood accents inside create a spare sense of elegance.

The Sequoia is equipped 5.7 liter 32 Valve V8 mated with a 6-speed automatic trans and a 4WD system, delivering standout towing capabilities. The healthy 381 horsepower output is needed for the heft to move this nearly 6,000 lb beast.

The ride quality of the $67,000 fully equipped Sequoia is exceptional thanks to an electronic modulated air suspension and an adaptive variable suspension system.