Lincoln MKC: A Compelling Brand Image Transition

Though the Lincoln concept cars turning up at auto shows are distinctly reverent to its mid-century classic era, the current product line-up of tighter sport sedans and crossover SUVs has been hard to square with the traditional limousine brand persona.

Beyond the Matthew McConaughey TV commercials and takeoffs by Jim Carrey and Ellen Degeneres, it should be noted that the latest Lincoln MKC Black Label edition really does the brand transition exceptionally well.

The compact crossover MKC achieves compelling sedan-SUV synthesis. From the exterior the arched profiled MKC comes to a bold statement in the wingspread front grille with flush backswept headlamps and a lower stripe of LED running lights.

Lighting is a big aesthetic and practical factor in the MKC Black Label with soft exterior lights on approaching the vehicle and nifty Lincoln logos projected in light on the ground as the doors open. Soft interior lighting that changes throughout the day enhances the richly appointed leather interior making up for the badly executed push-button transmission.

With the satisfying optional 2.3-liter turbocharged 4 cylinder engine the MKC is a worthy performer at a princely $57,000 high-end price tag.