Lucky 7th Season for Subaru BRZ TS Bucks “No Fun” Automotive Future

For those raised on the thunder of big V8s and the acrid bouquet of tire-squealing smoky burnouts, an automotive future of sleek but soulless autonomous electric pods collecting and depositing people like a human package delivery service, is grim beyond comprehension.

Maybe that’s why the Subaru BRZ sports car is making a high speed careening drift into its 7th season. The new $34,000 limited edition BRZ TS rolls in hot with its mini-sport coupe profile and tuner style carbon fiber rear wing.

Sharp custom black finished 15 inch spokes reveal big red Brembo performance brakes on all four wheels. Inside the sport treatment is complete with snug leather and alcantera racing seats and close-in steering and gauge cluster.

The modest 205 horsepower H-4 cylinder engine packs plenty of torque to launch the 2,900 lb. BRZ TS off-the-line. With the short throw 6-speed manual transmission even the most mundane errand takes on the aspect of a rally circuit.

Because of its small footprint the BRZ has always been a tight handler. In this amped up TS sport edition the suspension and steering response is even sharper and more exciting.

Subaru BRZ TS