Massive EV Roll-Out Continues To Confound Marketplace Concerns

Despite billions wagered by scores of competitors, the transition from 140 years of fossil fuels to EVs is not quite yet a well-oiled machine. Excuse the pun.

Tesla has driven to the top worldwide with best-selling vehicle tallies in worldwide the number one and two spots in US EV sales, Though still ranking in the middle of the pack of overall top 10 selling vehicles in the US, its Model Y captured top stats in global sales versus all gas powered cars, SUVs and trucks.

Legacy brands are doubling investments in EV tech and next gen model roll outs. Most are going against the Spartan modern ethic, with luxury amenities and dizzying tech arrays that look like the visual effects at an electronic dance concert.

More importantly for consumers, the quality issues of the EV start-ups are less prevalent in BMW, Mercedes, Volvo and fast growing and affordable Hyundai Group models.

The choke point is still battery charging. Though solid state batteries and NASA derived heat transfer tech could bring full charge time down to matter 4 to 10 minutes, these solutions are still up to a decade away.