Maybe We Can Find A Banana For Your Monkey

Throughout automotive history perceptions of beauty have been very particular to the beholders.

In the early 1950’s Sears sold a car called the Allstate which was a thinly disguised Henry J — known by auto buffs as the Yugo of American cars and often compared to a cockroach in appearance.

From 1954 – 1962 the Nash Metropolitan became famous as one of the first American compact cars — and also for resembling a two-tone pastel rolling cheese-box with a convertible top.

The famous French economy car the Citroen Deux Chevaux produced from 1948 to 1990 was often described as looking like funky upside down wash tub on wheels.

Even from the vaunted Pininfarina design studios of Italian supercars — models like the 2002 Ferrari Enzo have been panned for over-blown and unattractive looks.

The current contender for the oddest looking, yet somehow hippest vehicle on the roads, is the four door Nissan Juke. Described by Nissan as a bold urban sport cross vehicle, the Juke is like an awkward teenage version of the brand’s more comely full sized Murano and smaller Rogue Crossover Utility Vehicles.

With an efficient little 1.6 liter direct injection 188 horsepower 4 cylinder engine and a comfy, if snug interior, the $24,000 Juke has lots of cool features and is a big hit with the hipsters.