Mazda Transitions at a Pace of Automotive Mindfulness

While the rest of the auto industry scrambles to be competitive in the emerging EV market, Mazda has quietly garnered top corporate fuel economy ratings with its gas powered Skyactiv engine tech for years. Only a recent European plug-in hybrid CX-60 and the new fast charge short range oriented MX-30 EV intros have diverted the Mazda traditional formula of beauty, fun, utility and innovative small engine performance and technology.

With the momentum of its worldwide brand best-selling crossover CX-5 SUV, and still revered for the lovable and iconic MX-5 Miata roadster, Mazda shifted to the new center of the auto market universe, with the new more town and country versatile CX-30 and CX-50 but sultry lower, longer and wider profile.

This new stable of crossovers is clearly targeting an emerging younger audience, more diverse and appreciative of the Mazda value proposition.

By contrast a recent test drive of the latest version of the earlier generation Mazda CX-9 top trim $49,000 Soul Red Metallic Signature edition offered wow-worthy expansive and opulent interior, laden with safety and infotainment tech, and solid All Wheel Drive 2.5 Turbo 16-valve 4-cylinder 227 horsepower performance.