Mazda3… A Small Car That Rolls Fast, Fun and Even Frugal

The eclipse of small cars in the US is most troubling not only because of the bigger carbon footprint of the dominant SUV culture … but also because it eliminates the most fun driving experiences.

Most people who see the ultimate speed machines of Formula 1 racing for the first time up close are struck at how small and close to the ground they are. Because for real performance driving … that’s where the action is!

The latest Mazda3 Hatch Turbo Premium Plus is a standout small car that proves that excitement and practicality can co-exist in a small package!

The top trim Mazda3 backs up an aggressive and swaggering exterior with a 2.5 turbo 4 packing 250 horsepower. This power, the hatchback’s 3,255 lb fighting weight and 320 pound feet of torque meets the roadway via the g-force sensors delivering data to calculate the weight shifting from tire-to-tire in milliseconds.

This loaded Mazda3, with a handsomely appointed interior, intuitive command and control, super supportive low-slung leather front buckets, roomy 3 person rear seating and big hatch cargo capacity … is a lot of car for $33,750.