McLaren Rules The Road

High-end auto aficionados are still hotly debating whether the new quarter million dollar McLaren MP4-12c is indeed the most serious challenge ever to the longstanding dominance of Ferrari in the supercar realm.

Sporting monster dual side air-intakes, a deeply raked windscreen and front hood flush mounted shark-eye headlights, this rear-drive, mid-engine McLaren looks down-right menacing!

Access is easy via wide opening dihedral up-swinging doors. Inside taut leather and sport fabric accented seating and race-engineered ergonomics immediately puts the driver in ideal driving position.

Firing up the 616 horsepower 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 is a thunderous fanfare. And in this McLaren…there’s an app for that!! A unique Intake Sound Generator (ISG) system, controls the amount of engine noise heard in the cabin, giving the driver the option to choose different levels, from screaming loud for the high-speed straightaways, to a sexy rumble for date night.

A track-bred predator the McLaren also pampers the driver and passenger with an uncommonly civilized ride. The MP 4-12c is a car that exhilarates by testing the driver, while always being there with supreme technical prowess to make sure the job gets done with finesse.