Mercedes-Benz E400 Cabriolet Lets The Good Times Roll!

There is a correlation between a good economy and the rising popularity of convertibles. And of course there has always been a connection between financial success and the Mercedes-Benz brand.

The newest E400 Cabriolet delivers big on iconic Benz styling, premium amenities, engineering and performance at a price point that outclasses many competitors and even challenges its own more senior stable mates.

The $66,300 base priced E400 is a very pretty vehicle but not delicate in any way out on a rambunctious romp. A refined twin turbo V6 delivers an ebullient 329 horsepower propels the E400 Cabriolet to 0 – 60 acceleration in the very respectable mid 5 seconds range.

Inside, the Mercedes plays it high-tone and low-key with posh leather seating with an optional massage feature and headrest mounted twin-fan seat heating and cooling circulation system. A favorite feature returning from previous editions is the “ Active Fragrance System” which replaces those air-freshening fir trees hanging from the rear-view mirror.

Tech is a hallmark of the E400 interior with a big bright center dash 12.5 screen for all the command and control functions, and traditional analog gauges for heritage.