Mercedes-Benz GLA250 4Matic Hits Median Sweet Spot

Simple as the ABCs Mercedes-Benz fields an updated troika of premium compact SUVs to keep pace with this explosive market segment. The MB GLA, GLB and GLC series check all the boxes with $36,000 to 43,000 base stickers which puts them competitively in the median price range of car US buyers.

A recent test drive of a new Mercedes GLA 250 4matic demonstrated well executed basics and attention to detail, maintaining brand exclusivity in a competitive mid-range market space. Of course with a load of premium options from a panorama sunroof to the juiced up 457 adjustable damping suspension, our $38,000 base rig ballooned to just shy of $50K.

Powered by a transverse-mounted 2.0 liter in-line turbo 4 producing 221 horsepower — a modest plant by today’s standards — the GLA 4 wheel drive handles the new taller and shorter profile with bright and responsive road manners, driving primarily the front wheels with added rear wheel acceleration, slick road and modest off-road traction.

Inside the Mercedes GLA250 opens up impressively with a wide-screen command and control and infotainment layout and roomy seating and cargo hatch convenience.