Mid-Sized Mitsubishi Outlander GT Delivers Big In A Mid-Sized Package

The annual family summer road trip is a great opportunity to test the boldest of the big SUVs. These hot sellers come with more technology than it took to pull off the moon landing, with collision avoidance and the full panoply of driver assist features, not to mention independent rear seat video screens and audio hook-ups to keep the kids from – God forbid — having to look out the windows at the grandeur of the scenery.

After test driving the most expensive SUVs models, weighing in with prices approaching six figures, this year a well-equipped $35,000 Mitsubishi Outlander GT S-AWC proved that bigger is not always better… and that less can definitely be more.

From a driver’s perspective, the lighter mid-sized Mitsubishi SUV is an easy driver, packing a 3 liter 24 valve V6 that delivers good power and a combined fuel economy of 23 mpg.

Smart design, including lots of glass area for good visibility, wide opening doors and rear hatch, an incredibly spacious and well appointed interior, all the way back to the functional third row seats, makes the Outlander an ideal over the road family rig.