Midsize Sedan

In a crowded field of automotive competitors – at a time when the public is breathless for breakthroughs in vehicle technology – four door mid to full sized sedans — which still account for over a 30 percent US car sales, are often overlooked.

A recent test drive of the Nissan Maxima offers insights into the enduring popularity of the vanilla sedan. First off the vanilla might just be the base ingredient, but once it’s topped off with nuts, shaved chocolate and whipped cream — watch out!

So it is with the Nissan Maxima, a major 80’s breakout model which elevated Nissan from an econo-box maker to a contender for the then yuppie market. The current Maxima 3.5 SV has matured with a sense of stately seniority with exceptional upscale comfort features and amenities. But as the old guys often do — the Maxima likes to bust loose on occasion with the furious power of its 3.5 liter 24-valve, 290 horsepower V6.

With the recent significant upgrade of the Nissan Altima –the wags of the motor press have hinted that the Maxima may be aging out of the lining…but Nissan officials vigorously deny such speculation. For now, the roomy, comfy, technology laden Maxima with a combined fuel economy rating of about 22 miles per gallon to rolls out of showrooms for around $40,000.