Mitsubishi Riding Tail End of Auto Boom With Value Proposition and Right Product Mix

With a 100 year history in Japan and an estimable presence worldwide for decades, especially in emerging nations with little roadway infrastructure and challenging environments, Mitsubishi Motors has played the margins of the US car market with some notable successes.

Coming back from a period of limited product selection, Mitsubishi is aggressively playing its hand of mid-sized and small SUVs and crossovers just at the time when they are the fastest growing segment of the US market.

Add in a compelling value proposition of being lower priced than its competitors and available with a full complement of the latest tech toys and suddenly Mitsubishi is a rising star.

The recently comprehensively revised Mitsubishi Outlander mid-sized 3 row seat SUV loaded with options for $26,000 gets the notable addition of a Plug-in Hybrid EV model for a $7,500 Federal tax credit eligible premium price.

The smaller profile Outlander Sport and the new Eclipse Cross both offer style and convenience in the very competitive $20,000 to $24,000 range. The Eclipse Cross is particularly interesting as it targets a youth market that values amenities, tech and more space for lifestyle gear.