Mustang Keeps Two Wheels in Past and Two Wheels in Future

In a masterful bit of product planning and PR choreography Ford Motor Company has for the second time in 6 decades made Mustang the icon of an historic generational shift.

The visceral excitement of the Mustang 1964½ intro edition was the small block V8 propelling an uncommonly svelte 2500 lb 2-door coupe at a heart-quickening 225 horsepower. But the pony car also represented a change in the target age group that Ford and other car companies in America were appealing to. Enter the mighty Boomers!

Today the Millennial and Generation Z combo demographic is already bigger than the Boomers … and despite a popular narrative that younger people are not interested in cars, they are on-track to be the biggest car buying generation ever!

Enter the Millennial/Gen Z friendly all-electric 300 mile range Ford Mustang Mach-E Crossover SUV due in showrooms later this year and already challenging Tesla.

Test driving the $40,000 pumpkin orange 2020 Mustang GT 6-speed manual trans 460 horsepower 5 liter V8, this boomer couldn’t help but appreciate this exquisite back to the future experience that may soon be a cultural relic.