Need Exceeded By Urge Is Very Satisfying in the Mercedes-AMG G63

The Mercedes Benz AMG G63 super luxury 577 horsepower twin turbo off-roader traces its lineage to a late 1970s military vehicle, developed at the behest of a major Daimler stockholder … the Shah of Iran.

It began its civilian life in 1979 as a very capable but modestly appointed adventure vehicle for serious trail-blazing. Today the AMG badge is the vaunted pinnacle of high-performance, symbolic of the need exceeded by urge ethic that drives the high-end vehicle market.

That said … the newest AMG G63, equipped with a 4 liter twin-turbo V8, permanent all-wheel drive, 2 speed transfer case mated with a Speedshift TCT 9G-Tronic transmission … is a near miraculous all-terrain performer.

Though primarily testing the G63 in an urbanized setting, its agility became clear when seeing a Philadelphia Fire Department truck — with sirens screaming – coming up fast in the rearview while stuck in a traffic jam, the nimble Mercedes leapt effortlessly out of the way onto an expressway median that was a good 10 inches high.

Whether such super hero feats are worthy of the $147,000 G63 price-tag remains a personal financial decision.

Boasting a 5 star overall NHTSA safety score and a tow rating of 5,000 pounds, the regally appointed two-tone leather interior $50,000 plus High Country really delivers the glamor and guts duality of a great SUV.