New BMW 530e PHEV Helps Passionate Drivers Accept New Era

Until 2015 when the diesel emissions scandal exploded over the sprawling Volkswagen Group, most German car execs were dismissive of hybrids & electrics.

BMW took electrification more seriously creating the distinctive i3 $42,000 small plug-in electric with an optional range extender gas motor, and the racy dual motor i8 electric and gas powered $136,000 supercar in 2013. The BMW i3 promptly became the third best-selling EV in the world having sold 165,000 units by 2020.

Today European car makers are facing a 9 year deadline to stop building gas and diesel powered cars, which will be illegal in Germany and much of the EU past 2030.

The sexy BMW 530e sports sedan hybrid and limited range straight EV, will help ease passionate drivers into the new era.

The plug-in hybrid with “EV only” mode can go weeks without stopping for gas if daily mileage is in the 20 – 40 mile range.

And a new BMW Xtra Boost feature — literally a 10 second burst of electric power as the driver floors the 530e — gives it a fun and run 40 horse bump to its 288 hp rating.