The New BMW 750i XDrive Screams… Go Big Or Go Home!

In the fashionable 60 is the new 40 paradigm, the BMW 750i XDrive fits in nicely. The newest 7 Series is a big sedan that clearly appeals to a more mature and prosperous demographic.

But when an open roadway beckons and an inspiring anthem is pumping from the premium Bowers & Wilkins surround-sound audio system, the 445 horsepower 4.4 L V8 and classic BMW handling combine in a wild and glorious energy!

At a well-equipped price of $120,000, the new BMW 750i XDrive sports a new trimmer exterior with the emphasis on a low and wide profile accentuated by the long hood and a backswept passenger compartment. A now standard long wheelbase assures a solid quiet ride.

Inside the 750i XDrive is spacious and aristocratically appointed in quilted, stitched leather seating and a wide wood accented dash which maximizes the expansive feel. An improved iDrive infotainment system with onboard Wi-Fi and a bright wide screen caps a clean center control panel.

With fuel economy of 16-city and 25-highway, the use of some structural carbon fiber accounts for a loss of 46 lbs from the previous edition.