New Car Software Product Puts All Vehicle Data At Owners Disposal

Despite the rise of ride-sharing and better public transportation, industry analysts believe that more accessible and less costly options will actually dramatically increase the global demand for vehicles, which currently stands at about 80 million units worldwide.

This prospect makes the work of Gluon, a Livermore CA software startup even more significant, as it offers a comprehensive  and streamlined ecosystem that reigns in the chaos of an automotive aftermarket that is projected to be $680 billion annually worldwide by 2024.

Driven by the experience of successful entrepreneurs in the auto parts business, the Gluon solution is a patent pending device and app which plugs into vehicles made since 1996 and allows access to key vehicle data through the mobile app.

Gluon enables monitoring the health of all vehicle systems, with e-commerce connectivity, to arrange maintenance in advance of emergencies. For safety, security and even evidence in traffic cases, the system provides easy access to data about vehicle location, speed, direction and even the number of passengers in the car.

Also Gluon exclusively allows users to re-program the Engine Control Unit for better performance and fuel economy.

Gluon Ecosystem diagram