New Cat In Town

The latest Jaguar XFR puts this legendary brand solidly back in play in the super-luxury performance sedan class. With exceptional exterior and interior styling, flawless amenities and most of all — a monstrous 510 horsepower 5 liter Super-Charged V8 — this $83,000 special R edition literally blows away the competition.

Though still dealing with reliability and service issues — as are BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and other high-line manufacturers — the new Jaguar overcomes practical considerations with pure sensual appeal.

The new long, lean saloon car design recalls the original lunging Jaguar hood ornament — and makes the XFR a head-turner. With a blacked out honeycomb front grill, a steeply raked profile and sporty touches like quarter panel vents and optional 20” black alloy wheels, the XFR is right at home with the baddest muscle cars — with its roaring rear-wheel drive power — spinning its wheels off the line and leaving a vapor trail!

Inside luxurious stitched leather seating and dashboard, with brushed steel accents — establishes the car’s high-born pedigree. And with the push of the ignition button the electronics literally awaken. As accessory lights flash on, a master control dial rises from the center console and the air vent covers open — giving the new Jaguar XFR great gee-whiz factor.