New DBX SUV More Than Doubles Aston Martin Total Sales

These days a new SUV launch is as inevitable as the sunrise. So when Aston Martin began production of its new DBX super SUV, many auto salon wags declared it an “also ran” arriving late to the main event.

However in less than a year the sleek new DBX mid-sized SUV has more than doubled Aston Martin sales. Literally overnight the $175,000 newcomer has become the most popular vehicle in the 108 year history of this vaunted brand.

Alas the Aston Martin DBX was not featured in the climactic last Daniel Craig Bond film “No Time To Die.” But whoever takes over the Bond role … the DBX is a high style and impressive performance rig suitable for super spies, performance driving enthusiasts and A-list celebs tired of showing up on the red carpet in those slab-sided black SUVs.

This 5 passenger fastback SUV presents a higher riding profile not unlike the classic Aston Martin coupes. And thanks to a light and strong bonded aluminum frame and the power of its Mercedes-AMG M177 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, the DBX delivers exhilarating speed and handling with the engine roar of 547 horses!