New Jeep Compass Found Its Way In Gilded Jeep Line-up

The current second generation Jeep Compass is something of a golden child in the already blindingly successful Jeep line-up.

In 2002 when the original Jeep Compass was presented as a concept vehicle at the Detroit International Auto Show, the idea of a car-based small crossovers was mostly the darling of product planners looking for a new slice of the SUV pie. By 2007 when the Jeep Compass went on sale, the crossover came too late to save the SUV from being falsely blamed for the impending collapse of the auto industry by everyone from Ralph Nader to George W. Bush.

Born amid market and management turmoil, the Jeep Compass sold well enough to get a complete overhaul for the 2017 season. This second generation model sports impressive contemporary exterior styling with the familiar Jeep front grill and bold, high-riding trail-ready attitude.

Powered by a 2.4 Liter 4 cylinder 180 horsepower plant, the Jeep Compass maximizes new industry-wide lightweight high-strength components and engineering standards with spirited energy and off-road confidence, especially in the top trim Limited 4×4 edition which tops off at $36,000 and includes premium ¬†infotainment and safety tech.