New Mazda MX-5 Miata RF… Less Cute… More Driving Excitement!

The 30th anniversary of the cool ruler of sports car cuteness, the Mazda MX-5 Miata, is being celebrated with an RF retractable hardtop edition, skinned in fiery racing orange. The American allotment of 500 units of the 3,000 car worldwide run special edition were sold-out in a few hours, only to have the supply recently replenished with a top off inventory of 143 more Miata RF models.

The success of the Mazda Miata comes down to affordable sharp looks, traditional roadster manners, and a devoted fan base who take the racing cred of the MX-5 extremely seriously. The club racing Miata-nation devotees … make Mazda a dominant brand on racing circuits across America.

The loaded Grand Touring $36,630 RF, in the special edition orange, or in the more discreet machine gray metallic, packs a 2 liter, 181 horsepower 4 cylinder that powers this under 2500 lb. scamp to tail-kicking good times.

The short throw 6 speed manual transmission and the high-rev 7,500 RPM redline creates the feeling of high-test sports car excitement even after the Miata is long in the rear-view of muscle cars and Euro racing rigs.