New SUV Line-up Drives Lincoln to an 11% Market Share

Iconic heritage in the auto industry is a unpredictable asset. As Ford’s Lincoln Division basks in the glory of breakthrough success with its updated stable of SUVs, it is design acumen not destiny that brought this legendary American luxury brand back from the brink.

The newest Corsair and Aviator SUVs – and a soon to be updated Nautilus and Navigator – sport the same elegant gravitas that bespeaks the Lincoln tradition. And while its cross-town competitor Cadillac has chosen a very modern aero-cut and chiseled exterior skin … Lincoln has gone for a clean contemporary take on the classic coach.

These Lincolns – spanning compact, mid-sized crossover and mid and full sized SUVs — are soft around the edges but clean, precise and comprehensive from engineering and power-train tech to safety and infotainment gear, with interiors of quilted leather, hand-stitched piping and subtle but opulent details.

Auto industry analysts credit 31 year Ford veteran and now President of the Lincoln Division, Joy Falotico for a rebound currently posting the highest sales since 2003. Despite the pandemic Lincoln captured an 11.2% market share in the lucrative premium SUV class sales last year.