New Toyota Sequioa Capstone Delivers Big In Hybrid Only

Americans obsess about weight, diets and healthy foods while simultaneously propelling “bacon” to primary food group status.

And so it is with our personal transportation choices. While Toyota is synonymous with value and aggregate reduction of the US carbon footprint … the arrival of the 2023 Toyota Sequioa full sized SUV makes no apologies for its 6,000 lb weigh in.

As I parked the new 17 plus ft, long Wind Chill Pearl Sequioa next to a brand new white Cadillac Escalade the similarities were striking.

Of course Toyota has made good use of its resources with the newest Tundra pickup and other design and engineering features. The big framed front grill, headlamp and front hood assemblies are Tundra-based with some Tacoma and even 4Runner.

To preserve its electrification cred the Toyota Sequioa is only available as a hybrid with a 38 KW electric backing up a very energetic 437 horsepower twin turbo 4ST V6.

Inside the $75,000 Capstone is stunning with semi-aniline leather all the way back to the 60:40 split third row seats, a blazing central command 14” touch screen and a 10” heads up display