[GALLERY] New York International Auto Show Puts Auto Industry on a Global Media Stage

The New York International Auto Show at the Jacob Javits Center this week through April 12th is the mega spectacle of the car business and caps the worldwide auto show season of a confidently successful industry.

The success of this week’s NY show was scored before the doors ever opened to the public.

The buzz bonanza of the press preview days for an ever growing army of thousands of US and international automotive and lifestyle media, fuels a vast and chaotic 21st century worldwide digital all points bulletin that helps propel the new global auto industry.

The elaborate and carefully choreographed manufacturer presentations are carried around the world in a waves of words, images and video scrutinizing every detail of new models, technologies, dazzling premium amenities, safety features and fuel efficiency news.

At the high-end the Ford GT second generation super car is breathtaking and not just for its $400K price tag.

Still in supercar territory the new McLaren 540C/570S sport series are starting at a relatively modest $165,000

For far less cash the newly restyled Chevrolet Malibu is causing a big buzz in the competitive compact sedan space. And Ford’s new feisty little Focus R proves that economy and exciting performance can co-exist.

The success of this week’s NY show was scored before the doors ever opened to the public.

A bet on hydrogen fuel cell power the Toyota Mirai is so far just an oddity, perhaps like the Prius once was.

An updated Hyundai Tuscon gets an urban sport update. With its focus on its strong selling Sonata and Genesis sedans and the economical Elantra Hyundai needs to shore up its crossover SUV game anchored by the Sante Fe and Tuscon.

Making a big news was the new Lincoln Continental concept with its massive lead-sled limo profile and controversially familiar front mesh grill. Cadillac weighed in with its ultra-luxury CT6 which has vocally called out German rivals to make room on the world luxury sedan stage.

The all new 4th generation Mazda Miata MX-5, due for a summer release, may help slack convertible sales as the iconic little roadster seeks a new generation of buyers.  The new Porsche Boxster Spyder is opting for record performance stats by dropping the weight of a power roof opting for a manual stow away lid.

The latest KIA Optima premium sports sedan is substantially revised but emphasizes the bespoke qualities that helped grow its sales 500 percent in the US since 2010.

The long-running Nissan Maxima is notable because as a flagship full-sized sedan and because of decline of the segment in the face of SUVs.