Nissan 370Z Motorsports Edition Is Muscle Car Madness

“The Z that stands for Zorro” is going to have to step aside for the Z that stands for a legendary car that is again in the spotlight. The new Nissan 370Z NISMO Tech 6M/T is a $47,000 motorsports edition that comes ready to rumble on the track, or out on street racing quarter miles, where the usually tough tuner crowd is awestruck.

The new Z’s profile is increasingly Porsche reminiscent, with just enough aerodynamic enhancements, elaborate lighting panels and glamorous 19” forged alloy wheels to give away its Japanese design heritage.

What is decidedly different for a Nissan is the sound and fury of the rear-wheel drive, longitudinally mid-mounted front engine. Unlike the often powerful but less than burley style of other Z cars, the high torque 350 horsepower V6 mated with a chunky 6 speed manual transmission offers performance more like an American muscle car.

Inside there is plenty of soft Alcantara upholstery swathing the firm holding Recaro racing seats. Tasteful leather accents with red stitching and a few other flourishes adorn a design that is clearly set up for the work of high-speed performance.