Nissan Ariya All Electric Crossover Competes With Tesla

Nissan has long endured the annoying conundrum of market perception that Tesla has always been the hands down leader in the electric car market. In fact, until a few months ago the all-electric Nissan Leaf was still the global electric car sales leader, with more than 450,000 vehicles on the road.

As part of the embattled Japanese carmaker’s return to its previous status as a styling, technology and performance innovator, electrification plays a major role, with a slew of new charged up models on deck.

And Nissan makes a significant splash with its new all electric Ariya Crossover due out soon as a 2021 model.

In addition to its 300 mile range per charge and impressive 214 horsepower zip, the Nissan Ariya certainly takes top marks for overall design and consumer pleasing flexibility.

Up against the roughly comparable Tesla Y crossover model, the Ariya is an aesthetic triumph, with smoothly sculpted modern skin with a variant of Nissan’s distinctive variant of the V-Motion front grille. Inside a clean convenience focused interior is highlighted by dazzling twin 12.3” command and control and infotainment screens.

Though the Tesla Y has a slight range and power advantage, neither justify the roughly $10,000 additional price.