Nissan Rogue Sport Takes Nameplate Momentum Further

Nissan is storming the marketplace with products and strategies that are turning heads and racking up numbers. In 2016 the company was the fastest growing automotive brand in the US with a 5.5% year-over -year sales increase.

And in the key crossover, pick-up and SUV segments, Nissan surged 16% mostly with the hefty momentum of the Titan pick-up series and especially the Rogue compact crossover, which has become the best selling vehicle in the brand line-up.

So faced with the challenge of addressing the hot sub-segment of smaller crossovers with a younger appeal, Nissan chose to double down on the Rogue nameplate to issue the new Sport edition. This new Rogue is a substantially smaller, lighter and precisely targeted vehicle, shorter by a foot in length, with a lower more aggressive front fascia and clipped in the rear younger buyers who want cargo space but not third row seating.

Rogue Sport performance also hits the mark, with a 141 horsepower inline 4 cylinder and a CVT transmission delivering crisp and spontaneous response. The shorter wheelbase and length give it sharper and more facile handling and road manners.

Inside the Rogue Sport loaded SL Platinum edition tops $30K with leather seating, premium infotainment and the 360-view collision avoidance camera system. But even the base Rogue Sport is a solid well-equipped value for about $21,000.