Online Pre-Owned Car Startup Motobyo Driven By Tech Innovation

With pre-owned auto sales volatility settling from post-pandemic inventory shortages and sharp price increases, the newly launched suburban Horsham based Motobyo peer-to-peer online model is gearing up to sweep the national marketplace.

And unlike high-profile pre-owned car sales schemes that are imploding from the weight of crushing debt and logistical nightmares of their own creation, the new model is distinguished by its elegance and simplicity.

At the heart of the company’s innovation is pricing technology that creates a win-win-win situation in which both buyers and sellers get better prices, and Motobyo creates a positive hassle-free car sales environment with enormous organic growth potential.

And while grandiose marketplace domination schemes, which often include costly acquisition of service providers, creates crushing debt loads, Motobyo is forging ongoing partnerships with national service providers like Midas and Meineke, and even working with regional dealerships as pickup and paperwork exchange locations for peer-to-peer transactions.

Sellers can choose an instant cash deal, or to list their vehicle on the Motobyo private party auction platform. As one customer commented on the site … “It’s like a dating service for car buying and selling!”