The Original Bullitt Mustang Helps Ford Debut The 2019 Tribute Model

Amid the blaze of LED video walls and the stunning mechanized division of American prosperity, one of the most notable automobiles at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit last week was a scuffed up muddy green fastback 68 Mustang.

With Molly McQueen — granddaughter of Steve – introducing the new 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt special edition … the narrative veered to a fantastic story of the discovery of an intact and still drivable 1968 GT390 Mustang that Steve McQueen himself essentially authenticated as one he drove in the movie.

Then suddenly a kettle drum rumble erupted and Steve McQueen’s iconic street racer, belching thick pre-catalytic converter exhaust, rolled down to center stage to an awestruck reception.

The travels of this car since the Bullitt chase scenes, are worthy of a mystery movie … which is part of the narrative documented by an exclusive story in Hagerty Magazine.

McKeel Hagerty, the leading classic and collectible insurer, says the Mustang is conservatively worth $4.5 million. Though not for sale … in a bidding war between hardcore Mustang and McQueen fans … the price could easily top $20 million.


Bullitt Mustang 2019 edition

Bullitt Mustang 2019 edition