Latest Prius Hybrid Four Touring Hybrid Hatchback Goes The Distance

Toyota Prius Four Touring Upgrades Style & Handling To Fight Alt Vehicle Doldrums

With low fuel prices and suddenly lots of glitzier alt vehicle choices, the pioneering Toyota Prius needed an extra bit of heft to get traction in a soft market. 

The latest Prius Hybrid Four Touring hybrid hatchback rolls in with a fresh exterior profile, and improved styling starting up front with aggressive Bi-LED elements in the headlights, integrated fog lights and sporty accent lights.

The lower and wider stance is not just for looks, with new suspension and steering enhancements giving the Prius exceptional handling and cornering capability, refined road manners and a very quiet ride.

Powered by a the 1.8-liter gas engine and the 600-volt electric motor with a modest combined 121 horsepower, that is compensated for by 200 lb ft of torque, which gives this Prius more pep off the line.  

Inside the compact four door opens up into a stylish and expansive cabin, with nicely detailed finishes for the $22,000 – $30,000 plus price range. The firm, comfortable seating offer good adjustable positioning long trip driving.

In fact the combination of better power, roadability and ride comfort give this Prius much needed long distance touring credibility. Of course for the “green” enthusiasts and those reveling in the current cheap gas prices by spending even less for fuel, the EPA rating of 54 MPG in the city and 52 MPG overall is still the big drawing card.