Range Rover P530 First Edition… Preferred Trans of Pantheon of Gods

In the hype and glory strata where world class automobiles compete, the new Range Rover P530 First Edition is a quiet conqueror.

From the exquisite simplicity of the exterior skin, filling out the familiar Range Rover OG SUV profile — looking even more distinguished in a satin finish sunset gold — to a trove of gee-whiz amenities, multi-screen connectivity, evolved safety features and next level enveloping 20-way Windsor leather seating and accessories, it is no wonder this is the ride of choice of Kings, Queens and celebrities around the globe.

A fearsome 4.4 liter V8, direct injection, 32 valve, 523 horsepower gas engine whisks this 5,620 lb Range Rover to a top speed of 155 miles per hour, with 0 – 60 times of just 4.4 seconds. It also tows an impressive 7,700 lb astride massive 21 inch aluminum wheels.

With mild-electrification and a hybrid available, and full EV models scheduled for 2024, Range Rover unabashedly straddles the ICE – EV transition with breathtaking performance and premium sensory delights, and a First Edition price of $163.950.

The base price of the Range Rover is $104,000 escalating through four trim levels.