Retro Cred of Bronco and EV Mustang… Matched By Ford Explorer SUV

With a 120 year history that includes the greatest innovations in auto production, marketing and technology, the Ford Motor Company is cashing in on its Bronco and Mustang heritage… while the Explorer rolls on as a best-selling SUV.

Launched in 1990 ironically to replace the now super-hot reborn Bronco, the Ford Explorer has sold over 8 million units during a two decade run. And though the latest 2022 Explorer doesn’t crack the top 5 SUVs sold in the US, it still delivers on its original mission to make these adventure lifestyle class vehicles more comfortable and flexible for suburban family freight hauling.

The latest edition of the Ford Explorer cuts a strong upright profile that stands out in the endless conga-line of egg-shaped SUVs. It also retains the original high-riding driver/passenger command of the road vantage point… that once proved problematic for this model.

Under the hood the 2.3L ECOBOOST I-4 engine and 10-speed auto trans format delivers big 300 horsepower energy and fair mileage for a vehicle weighing 4,300 lb and tow rated for 5,300 lb.

The interior is expansive with 3 row 7 person seating, while retaining ample rear cargo space. Though many SUVs swing for bling … the well-equipped $49,000 Ford Explorer Timberline is distinguished by a practical sports-fiber cloth seating, leather wrapped and heated tilt and telescoping steering wheel with fingertips accessory controls. By today’s standard the 8” infotainment touchscreen is on the small side but it does the job without being distracting.