Scion Takes The Pulse of First Time New Car Buyers

In 2003 when Toyota first launched its youth oriented Scion brand, the future was so bright the kids had to wear shades. Today the same target demo of young first-time new car buyers have tastes and expectations forged in the crucible of uncertain economic times.

Now Scion is doing a combo roll-out and its largest single media campaign behind two new under $20,000 intros … the iA sport sedan and iM Hatchback.

Unlike the retiring rolling cube xB, and the uneasy micro-car thrill-ride of the iQ, the new models are both practical, secure and spirited daily drivers. The slinky little iA sedan, with the 6-speed manual and mono-spec package of premium amenities, has a 1.5 liter 106 horsepower engine, that can kick it, and still get 42 mpg on the highway.

The iM follows the hot-hatch formula striking a rally stance with stylish L.E.D. lights and alloy wheels. With an MSRP of $18,460 for the 6-speed manual sport shift model, the iM’s fun-to-drive factor is boosted by premium interior touches like a stitched leather steering wheel and accents and a bright 4.2 inch screen with rear back-up camera.


Photos by Tyler Ward