Shelby Cobra

Car buyers addicted to the freedom of the open road and adrenalin rush of spectacularly elegant, powerful and enigmatic automobiles — will always keep manufacturers turning out a steady stream of dream cars!

Not practical or politically incorrect — these are the rides that evoke desire and envy — and soaring pride of ownership for a select few.

The all new Shelby GT500 Cobra illuminates this point with particular emotion!

Ford Mustang will forever be an iconic brand — though its evolution over decades has ranged from pathetic to inspired. But when Ford issues a Shelby — it’s no joke. The latest 2013 Cobra is a highly stylized and up-engineered Mustang with a fearsome 5.8L V8 churning out 650 horsepower. And it satisfies on so many levels — from the nostalgic white ball shifter knob on the Tremec six-speed manual transmission, to the explosive roar of its impossibly fast — 200 mile per hour top speed.

At $63,000 the Shelby Cobra actually stacks up favorably against super cars costing three times as much. On fuel economy — the official EPA numbers are 15 mpg city and 24 mpg hwy. In reality this bad boy can pass anything but a gas station — if it’s being driven with passion.