The Auto Market Trends Take Cues From Subaru Outback

The auto industry is roiling in crisis in the US market as one manufacturer after another shifts production plans to eliminate all but a handful of sedans and small cars.

Value and efficiency super stars from all manufacturers are steadily losing ground to the phalanx of trucks, SUVs and car based crossover utility vehicles … often self-inflicted wounds from their own line-ups.

Through all this tumult Subaru is a brand that rolls on as indomitable as its line-up of Impreza, Forestor, Crosstrek models and arguably the most advanced vehicle concept in history … the Subaru Outback. In 1994 this modest sport utility wagon was certainly not expected to be the fastest growing segment that has become 24 years later.

The newest 2018 Subaru Outback has evolved into a more refined version of the tough little wagon that became legendary in demanding driving environments like Colorado and Vermont.

The $39,000 V6 256 horsepower AWD Outback Touring premium edition gets slicked up with 18 inch alloy wheels, chrome touches on the door handles, looking appropriate for around town and light off-road duty to make use of its 8.7 inch clearance.