The Buick Cascada — The Convertible As Economic Indicator — Looking Good!

As accurate as any forecast, the popularity of convertibles on is a leading indicator of a strong economy. Feelings of freedom, life affirming excitement and endless possibilities are certainly best experienced top down, ripping up the open road on a bright summer day.

The Buick Cascada is a smartly styled summer trifle that delivers well beyond first impressions. Dismissed by the snark wing of the motor press as a chick car and a retirement community cruiser, this fully equipped 2 + 2 convertible with one-touch insulated soft-top, is easy on the eyes, sharply detailed inside and shows roadworthy spirit powered by a hot 200 horsepower 1.6 liter turbo four.

Born as an Opel Cascada from GM’s German operations, this is such a straight logo swap that when the test vehicle was parked in Old City, a group of German tourists stopped to admire the familiar vehicle … curious about the Buick name.

With the full panoply of GM tech features from standard WIFI, a full collision avoidance suite and park assist, rear camera view on a bright 7” diagonal screen, the $37,000 Buick Cascada is tops up in value.