The Buzz Is Electric As The Auto Industry Makes History… Again!

The Covid-19 lockdown put a dent in 2020 vehicle sales, then triggered production and supply chain disruptions, and now the electronic chip shortage. And yet the auto industry is in the midst of a most exciting and historic era.

As the inevitability of an all-Electric Vehicle future engulfs the industry, fresh blood is pumping as serious startups Tesla, Rivian, Lucid and Fisker lead with breakthrough technology. Meanwhile all the established powerhouse brands are coming to the fray with their impressive new EVs and the momentum of sales power.

Tesla is still a startup yet to make money on cars, while cashing in big on EV tax credit sales to other car companies and stock market hype. Even with a global unit sales lead sure to erode with new EV intros, Elon Musk’s eye on ever bigger prizes suggests Tesla cars will become an accessory operation dwarfed by the company’s battery and electric motor sales and soon to become universal EV super-fast charging network.

A scenario of Tesla spinning off the vehicle division to an established car company is not out of the question. The buzz is literally electric!