The Cadillac Story Is An Epic of Heroism In the Face of Adversity

The Cadillac story is like a Greek Epic with a battling hero and a ridiculous series of adversities. With global sales up 20% for the year and a whopping 66 percent increase in China … Cadillac has definitely taken its game on the road. But there is no home field advantage as the brand continues to struggle with sales declines in the US.

The epic turns both heroic and tragic when every Cadillac test drive offers a more stylish, more aggressive, and responsive driving experience.

A recent turn at the wheel of the new Cadillac ATS rear wheel drive small sedan base priced at $38,000 was both comfortable and convenient … but at times really exhilarating.

The gently bold exterior styling of the ATS is a bit more reserved than its siblings, and the 2 liter 4 cylinder turbo delivers an unfaltering 272 horsepower surge. Or for more heft there is a 3.6-liter V6 335 horsepower option. Both gain efficiency and speed with a new 8-speed automatic transmission while racing style Brembo front brakes.

Inside the handcrafted cut and sewn leather faced upholstery provides luxury seating for the drive and interacting with its Wi-Fi connected technology suite. Loaded up with the Recaro seats and the full safety and collision avoidance package the Cadillac ATS still comes in under $50,000.