The Light At The End of Tunnel Is The Next Golden Age of Buick

The next golden age of Buick is a phenomenon that enthralls car enthusiasts here in the US, and a big share of Chinese buyers.

All told, even with pandemic and economic slowdowns, General Motors and associated companies sell nearly 3 million cars a year in China, and last year 850,000 were Buicks. By contrast US Buick sales last year were just shy of 180,000.

Now Americans might want to take a second look at Buick for practical reasons like more availability, no pricing premiums and coming in 2nd overall in the 2022 JD Power Customer Service.

While Chinese passion has driven the success of its sedans LaCrosse, Regal and Verano and new electrified Excelle GT sedans, Buick has upgraded its crossover and SUV offerings.

The latest Buick 7 passenger Enclave Avenir makes a compelling case. While unremarkable in some ways, it fits the current US roadway vernacular perfectly. Despite a familiar SUV profile, this Buick Enclave rolls with a touch of class that does summon its heritage as GM’s original luxury car.

This $57,000 Buick Enclave with a 3.6 liter V6 pumping 310 horsepower is a solid choice.