The New Nissan Z: A Retro Model of Authentic Specs and Scope!

The all new Nissan Z is a real masterpiece of retro-engineering. This model leverages the best design rewinding 50 years of rambunctious road manners.

The 1970 240Z represented a massive shift in generational taste and lifestyle choices. Before younger listeners do a mass eye-roll and groan “OK Boomer” … rest assured the classic Z probably had a lot to do with how many of you turned out.

The Z first rolled when the youth market was the Woodstock Nation of hippies in VW Beetles and Microbuses. The sexy, sporty and amazingly affordable Z-car turned the heads of young people and suddenly the Hippies became Yuppies … and the rest is history.

Packing a Twin-Turbo 3 liter 400 horsepower V6, this Z is a hoot to drive with product and engineering laser focused on what made the car so hot.

The exterior of the new Nissan sports car is clean and smooth without extraneous character lines to visually simulate sporty intentions.

The $41,000 base ticket of the new Z, and the $53,000 premium sport mode is also a nod to the original value proposition of this iconic car.