The New York International Auto Show Plays to the Media

With a crush of more than 5,000 media from all over the globe previewing the just opened New York International Auto Show is a news-making machine.

Of all the preview events, the takeover of the retired U.S aircraft carrier Intrepid by Land Rover to announce its marketing deal with Virgin Galactic space tourism was the most choreographed.

Next to a mock-up Virgin spacecraft, Land Rover presented a concept vehicle invoking the retired Discovery badge for the series now known as the LR3 and LR4.

But rugged practicality is not the priority for this concept car which bristles with high-tech features like hand and eye gesture control via smart glass, laser headlight terrain scanning and a virtual enhanced driver view disappearing hood for off-road and parking situations.

Notably the remote control driving feature via tablet, poses a challenging future for parents with computer proficient 8 year-olds.

Jeep made real news in its reveal of the new Renegade small SUV, when the line “crafted in Italy” was floated almost as an aside. This first Jeep product to be made outside of the US is for the domestic and global market.

This George Polgar of GT Marketing for KYW News Radio.