The Newest Camaro Finds Its Sporty Roots!

The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro is revved up to regain its five-year domination of the performance coupe class in which it competes with the archrival Ford Mustang, a runaway sales hit with its all-new 2015 edition.

The new Camaro is underpinned by the architecture that has made the Cadillac ATS and CTS so competitive against European luxury performance leaders. Smaller all-around by just a few inches and lighter by 390 lb in the top of the line 2SS edition, the Camaro sports a fiery 455 horsepower V8. The size trimming and weight reduction, coupled with leaner more athletic exterior styling makes magic happen for the new Camaro.

On a recent road rally from Bozeman, Montana to Seattle, Washington the new Camaro performed like a true sports car, harkening back to its earliest days when it was a tight little muscle coupe. The handling of the new model was particularly satisfying as it consumed the sweeping curves and tight switchbacks of the 200-mile plus Northwest Passage Scenic By-Way.

The Camaro displays confidence and total control even at the very high speeds it achieves with such ease.