They All Look Alike

“Why are there so many vehicle choices that are so much a like?” is a common question among weary car shoppers. When consumers latch on to trends in a big way — whether it’s styling cues or vehicle formats, manufacturers respond by giving them more of what they like.

Though the stylized tail-fins of the late 50’s and early 60’s are often associated with classic Cadillacs — every car-maker had models sporting fins — few more extreme than the firing rocket inspired 59′ Dodge Custom Royal.

More recently — with economic recession and spiraling gas prices, buyers demanded smaller more fuel efficient cars — while still seeking the convenience aspects of SUVs. This created a class of car-based SUV crossovers from the top selling luxury Lexus RX to a string of more budget friendly variations on the theme like the Chevrolet Equinox and Ford Escape.

Shared DNA and technology from brand ownership and partnership exchanges, and the migration of key personnel from one company to another has also homogenized the vehicle gene pool. Then sometimes it’s just the fondest form of flattery. Like those stylish LED headlights introduced by Audi — that are now available on Buicks and Kias too.