Timing Is Everything For Hot Dodge Performance Cars

On a blustery autumn day at a rain swept racetrack in the West Virginia hills … the Dodge brand stable is lined up for motor press test drives. Hot laps on a slick track are arguably the best, and certainly most fun way to test these sharp handling muscle cars.


The garish limited edition Dodge Charger and Challenger SRT electric colors like Sublime, Hemi Orange, Butterscotch and Go Mango, are joined this year by Plum Crazy purple, a tribute to the 1970’s era of MOPAR street racing legend.


The enormous success of the Dodge performance series — including the monstrously powerful 707 horsepower Hellcat Challengers and Chargers – is a wondrous confluence of savvy product planning and ideal market conditions.

Unexpected demand all the way up to the $63,000 Hellcat – requiring parent FCA to call a halt in new orders — is a gift from another wave of boomers looking for their own hot lap into the golden years.

Certainly low fuel prices expected to last through the next year, have also eased the way for fire-breathing Dodges with 13 city 21-highway mileage and 3.6 second 0 – 60 times.