Toyota 4Runner Is No Compromise Mash-Up Family Hauler/Off-Roader

The popularity of the Toyota 4Runner for 36 years has been a surprise since from a design standpoint it is little more than a pick-up truck adapted as an SUV. Despite attempts to soften up the image for more family-friendly sales, the hearty 4Runner is still a no compromise off-roader.

For 2020 Toyota seems to double down on the 4Runner traditional values of durability and alt-terrain performance. As a result the new Toyota 4Runner gets scuffed by critics for its rough pavement ride, high-clearance step-in and low ceiling height.

In the new special Nightshade Edition, topping out at $48,000, the Toyota 4Runner exudes the attitude “Be good and if you can’t … be bad … really bad baby!”

The blacked out grille and matching big 20 inch wheels and knobby tires make this 4Runner unrepentantly menacing. And though it gets dinged for being primitive inside, a full load of new tech gear and a suite of safety features bring the vehicle to current standards.

Packing a 4.0 liter V6 pumping 270 horsepower, advanced anti-lock brakes and driveline traction control, the Toyota 4Runner is a no-frills adventure wagon!