Toyota Avalon

The automotive industry has elevated hyperbole to a level that would make even the most passionate tent revival preacher blush. So when the motor press started getting the big pitch on the coming of the all new Toyota Avalon — there was a murmur of skepticism. After all — the Avalon though popular with buyers — has often been characterized as a dolled up big sister to the Camry — sometimes showing more cleavage than real automotive innovation.

Based on a recent test drive of the newest Avalon — the cynics should be eating their words! While the Toyota Camry is competent, well designed and recently even has shown a hint of sex-appeal — the Avalon is a truly impressive premium sedan — with bold exterior styling, snazzy 18 alloy inch wheels and 268 horsepower performance that makes this sophisticated vehicle a solid value even at the $42,000 standard equipment edition.

Inside the Avalon is remarkably comfortable and inspired. The command center of the Avalon – bristling with technology and amenities – is an upswept design that puts all the controls within easy reach just below eye-level. This design approach and clear unobstructed visibility all around make the Avalon driving experience particularly dynamic.