Toyota Best Positioned for Electrified Vehicle Growth with Prius as “Best Compact Hybrid”

When Consumer Reports issued their picks for the 10 Best Cars of 2017 and named the new Toyota Prius as Best Compact Hybrid … it was no big surprise. Even the craggy Motor Press has generally hailed the fourth generation Prius for its energized power and handling and aggressive styling.

What is a little surprising is that among the hundred or so models of hybrid and electric vehicles that now traverse the US roadways, the new Toyota Prius is the only electrified model to make the Top 10 list.

This is compatible with the lackluster market performance of electrified vehicles, as a percentage of total US auto sales until this past year. Though still shy of 4 percent of annual vehicle sales, the sheer number of hybrid and electric models available from virtually every carmaker has resulted in a 60% plus increasing trend line for electrified vehicles.

For Toyota and Lexus which have 13 hybrid models, including the latest Prius Prime doing brisk sales, this is very good news.

Toyota has prospered by dominating the Hybrid market for nearly 17 years, and now even better positioned for the future.